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Are Huntsville Basketball Organizations All On The Same Team?

Updated: Sep 14, 2023


Today was a very interesting, high content day. I attended a press conference for the new TBL team, the Rocket City Flight. Their owner, Cheon Brathwaite, did an excellent job getting media to the event, the owner of his league and members in his front office. It looks like I’ll be working with the team in some capacity. Immediately after, I had to book it over to our partner VSI Unlimited, for an interview I set up with WAFF and Tennesee Valley Living for the War Dawgs. They interviewed Brandon, one of our youngest and most promising players.

A quick reflection on the day made me think about how two minor league basketball teams had major media coverage today. Even though we are in two different leagues, we have more similarities than we do differences. The untrained eye would say we’re in competition. It’s quite the opposite. We actually compliment each other very well. In a nutshell it’s like being on the same team, but with different jobs on the court, or field or whatever sports analogy makes you feel comfortable. If all the teams do well, we all win. Minor league sports are a viable asset to any city. But if one team does not prove its sustainability, the community begins to questions how viable minor league teams are. If we work together, we can be the blueprint that other cities copy. Then we see a broader impact on a game that has already been played for decades. Maybe that's what leaving a legacy is all about.

Cory "DJ Cee O" Walker

SVP Sales and Marketing

North Alabama War Dawgs

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