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Mixx Madnes

Mixx Madness started in the house of DJ Ya Boi Boi with DJ Go Jon Doe and DJ Snapshot as a jam session for DJs.  Fast forward a few years and Dj Ya Boi Boi decided to share the session with the public and started an event at the now defunct Kind Society store.  After a few moves, the event made it's way to Mid City in a closed retail store during the pandemic.  The following started to grow, and in 2020, Mixx Madness hit the stage at The Camp at Mid City in Huntsville, Alabama.  Mixx Madness started its fourth season at The Camp in 2024.  Averaging about 200 people a show, Mixx Madness happens every other Tuesday and is a dedicated hot spot for music lovers in the Tennessee 

Always A Celebration!

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Host Dray the Voice
Carribean Heritage Party
DJ Whatchawannado

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Mixx Madness is available to book for special events, and they also hold their own exclusive events. Sign up to receive notifications and stay up to date on the latest events and parties!

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